Department of mech Engineering – [Advisory Board]

DAAB Committee Member

The Departmental Academic Advisory Board (DAAB) has been formed with the objective of remaining up to date with the latest requirements of the industry and incorporating necessary components in the curriculum as much as possible.

The DAAB is enriched with members from the department as well as industry persons who periodically guide the departmental activities and suggest improvements of the program. The members of Departmental Advisory Board (DAAB) are:


Sr. No. Name of Member Designation Email ID Contact
1 Mr.Deshmukh R.A Chairman 9763328461
2 Mr.Bhosale G.S. I/C H.O.D. 9881742478
3 Dr. Vyavahare Ravindra Tatyasaheb Academic Expert 8237379488
4 Prof. S.S. Wangikar Academic Expert 9823785590
5 Mr.Chetan Ghutukde Industry Expert 8888156445
6 Mr. Bhosale A.B. Academic Expert 8237114132
7 Mr.Khandare D.S. Academic Expert 9860915071
8 Mr.Dardare V.B. Internal Faculty 9860300167
9 Mr.Bavache S.D. Internal Faculty 9960553434
10 Mr.More R.L. Internal Faculty 9766728482