Department of computer Engineering – [Department Structure]

Departmental Structure

To work effectively departmental work is divided in faculties. Each faculty is enrolled in various activities in department and institute. HOD is the key person to manage those activities through the faculty and support them to enhance their performance.

Mentoring System

Within 2-3 years of diploma, Computer Engineering diploma program will demonstrate, or be prepared to achieve:
Successful careers, as reflected by advancement to positions that include greater responsibility and intellectual challenge
Successful performance in professional diploma program

Guardian Faculty System
  Number of Guardian Faculty: 2-3 per class
  Number of Students Guardian Faculty: 15-20
Students are assigned to Guardian Faculty by Principal, GFM CO-ordinator, HOD and class teacher. The student record is maintained with details such as address, mobile numbers of parents and students, previous record, academic performance. Guardian Faculty help students by monitoring their performance, behavior and assist them in lagging areas. Counseling of students is done at personal level, if needed. Parents‟ meet is held once in a semester and student attendance and Unit Test marks are presented in the meeting. The bright students are felicitated in parents meet. For improving the student performance, remedial classes or tests/assignments/ paper solving sessions are arranged when needed.

 Mentors list:

Class Name of Mentor Batch
Third Year Computer Engineering Mr.S. M. Sawant C2-C3 ( Roll No. 21 to 40 )
Second Year Computer Engineering Mrs. P. B. Ghodake C1 (Roll No. 1 to 15 )
Second Year Computer Engineering Mrs. P. A. Gade C3 ( Roll No. 31 to 40 )
Second Year Computer Engineering Mr. M. S. Dound C3 ( Roll No 41 to 45 )
Second Year Computer Engineering Ms. K. P. Khatib C2 ( Roll No 16 to 30 )


Demand Allocation Utilization year Image
10 Lakh 5 Lakh 2 LAkh 2013-14 Doccument